Self Love


Recently, I couldn't help but witness a schoolgirl who was trying to blend herself according to the taste of her friends or precisely saying ‘acquaintances’. She, for the sake of acceptance from other people, changed herself entirely and became a different person in just a matter of days. The next day, I reached her and told her to analyze her situation and asked her if she wants such a friend who cannot accept her as she is? Self-love is the feeling of accepting yourself as you are. It is not just about pampering yourself and taking out time for yourself. Instead, it is the act of believing in yourself, knowing your worth and keep fighting for yourself. One must need to understand that they do not need others to feel good about themselves; they are enough for themselves.


Self-love, self-belief and self-esteem are the traits that one must possess to make their existence count and to live care freely. Self-love is realizing that you don't have to be afraid to express yourself or live up to the conditions of others. It is the affection that you show towards yourself without any consideration of others. Self-love elevates your motivation, esteem and confidence. A person with self-love will always try to change their miseries into happiness but people who do not love themselves will stay broken and feel sorry for themselves. You need to understand that “You are enough for yourself and learn to enlighten the flame inside you”.