Master the act of conflict resolution


Despite our countless efforts to avoid conflicts, we often find ourselves trapped in one. I personally run away from conflicts but recently I came across a fact that conflicts need to be resolved and not run away from. We need to face the fact that conflicts are the part and parcel of life. The ultimate goal to survive this conflict is mastering the art of conflict resolution. It is the key to unlock the feeling of sorrow and sadness and cut them off from your life. Let’s face that conflict brings unhappiness and sadness along with it.


Conflicts destroy the relationships and add bitterness to them. In order to resolve a conflict, one must learn to accept their flaws and understand what another person is saying. Whenever you are trying to resolve a conflict, try to make valid points from your side and understand what the other person has to say. One needs to be patient and considerable to manage the situation and resolve the dispute. Considering yourself always right and neglecting other people's feelings is not going to help you and take you far. If you acquire the art of conflict resolution rationally and solve disputes in a friendly manner, you can surely manage to live your life happily and get success.