Listen Actively


The most important step in a conversation is listening. A person should listen actively to avoid any sort of confusion during the conversation. Listening and understanding go hand in hand. You cannot understand what another person is saying without paying proper attention to his words. The words coming out of his mouth are the basis of the conversation. If you listen actively, you will be able to resolve the conflicts or arguments without fighting. In a fight, listening and speaking are both required. You cannot resolve a dispute until or unless you listen the other individual out.


For active listening, you need full concentration and understanding. During some seminar, conversation or any other event where any sort of interaction is taking place, active listening along with response is a necessity. An active listener possesses traits like passion, concentration, attentiveness, and the will to succeed. While listening to a speaker, one should not interrupt him and make eye contact with him. This shows him that you are interested in what he is saying and that you are listening to him. Through active listening, a person can climb the mountains of success. Remember to listen more than you talk so that misunderstandings stay out of your way and your relationships are healthy.