Let go of the past.


You know when your favorite pen gets lost, and you don’t know where it is you just keep rethinking, and crying over the same. Does that make anything out of his current condition? NO. It is still lost! Then why do we just keep rethinking our past? When we know that thinking of the same would never make any difference to the fact that it will remain unchanged, and in the past where it actually belongs. How thinking of the past and crying is helping you grow? Is it or not? It will never change the principle of the past being in the past. Let just try a new way, shall we? Learn from the past and just leave the past where it belongs, that is in your back. Star making decisions by learning from your past mistakes and not by being the past self.


Past is meant to make you grow while the present is yours to make new decisions and discover innovative ideas while the future is another place to use your experience from the past.  Overthinking of the same won’t make any difference but doing something out of it would. And the choice is yours to make now. The way I see all this, you could either make incredible decisions out of it or you could sit and cry while thinking of the same.