Learn To Live in the Present


Several times we need to think about things that happened in the past or the things that will happen in future, but it does not mean that you have to live in the past or future. The thing about living in your past or future is that your soul is missing all the experiences and happenings that are happening in the present. It is necessary to live in your present to extract something valuable from your life. Living in the present gives you joy, happiness and satisfaction that can never be achieved if you are stuck in the past.


Dreaming of the future is like living a dream that does not have the possibility of happening in real life. Future is unpredictable and living in it will give you false hope only. But if you live in the present, you can enjoy every moment of your life. It can help you mend the mistakes that you did in the past. Living in present can give you the ability to build your future as you wish and achieve your goals with a little hard work. Given the high speed and riotous timetables the greater part of us keep, a base degree of tension, stress, and despondency is the new standard. On top of it, if we keep on dragging our past in it or expecting our future to be like this or that, we are just pushing our present away and inviting miseries in our lives. Therefore we are left with unhappiness and regret in the end. Hence, living in the present is the most pre-eminent and best option.