Take responsibility- You are here because of you

Finding Joy in Small Things


A few days ago, I came across a saying which goes like this, “There will be things that you want and there will be things that you deserve, you just have to understand the difference between them”. I sat down and did a little self-introspection. Sooner, I realized that the thing that gets lost between want and deserves is Joy. So, I analyzed and made a mantra of my life that we should always find joy in each thing, be it small or large. Joy is that little key that can open the locks of our loveable soul.


It is a bird that needs to be freed from the cage of running after success and achievement. Joy is the ladder-climbing which our soul meets in our heart. In order to make our life beautiful and worth living, we should start finding joy in the little things. ‘The more you laugh, the more you live’. Happiness is short-termed, so why not make every little thing count and not regret it in future. Stop running after achievement and give a thought for just a fraction of time. Does it really matter, if you didn’t enjoy it? Is it really worth it? Take time to appreciate yourself and find joy around yourself, it will make the achievement more enjoyable and satisfying.